Where Does the Music Come From?

        When I write a song - I don't really write it - it writes me.  I may have an idea or an emotion running through me and I often hear (yeah I kind of do) a voice that says "It's time to write a song" - and then some chords may come, (I often write with my guitar in my lap) - minor chords often if I'm sad maybe - and out tumble some words.  I craft the lyrics a bit,(sometimes this part can take minutes, hours or even weeks)-then fit them to the chords and the idea and song take shape from a place that is magical and mystical.  Sometimes I wake up and new lyrics have arrived. Or while I'm in the shower the "Shower Fairy" visits me an I get a word or a line that seems just perfect while the warm water is beating down on me. Hard to explain, really.  But that's a bit about how it goes.
        One thing I know is I really can't force it.  Maybe one day I'll take a song from start to finish and post the various components as they are added which usually goes  from raw  emotional beginnings to  chord doodling, to rough play on the guitar, to click track in the studio, (a hard task master sometimes) to instrumental bed (thanks to my awesome  and extremely talented producer,  Paul Opalach, at Long Hill Studio in Shelton, Ct.) to adding the vocals, often at least three takes to cull the best sounds from.  
        Them comes harmonies, (this usually after I've listened to the rough cut in the car multiple times and creating  harmonies while I drive) - then back to the studio so Paul can weave the harmony  into the first cut, then final tweaking and yes, of course , Thank God, some auto tuning, reverb adding and more tweaking and then Voila - the finished piece. I would love to take a song and  play and/or write about each component as it comes.  Maybe in the near future I'll take you on that journey if there is interest.  
     Until then, Keep listening and thanks for reading this.  Without someone to listen there is no reason for the music.  <3  Deb

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